Früh- und ältereisenzeitliche Verwandtschaftsgruppen in den kampano-etruskischen Nekropolen Pontecagnanos


  • Olaf Dörrer



Verwandtschaft, gens, Gruppengröße, Pontecagnano, Nekropolenbelegung


The topic of this contribution is the question of the relevance of kinship-units with regard to the development of societies, especially in Iron Age Italy. Until now, the phenomenon of social and political change has been strictly connected to the formation of the gens, despite this connection is not securly proven.

Therefore the vast necropoleis of Pontecagnano, an Iron Age etruscophone centre south of Naples, were used as a touchstone for the topic in question. The comparison of the population of a well-preserved kinship-unit of the late Early Iron Age (8th cent. B.C.) with one of the Orientalizing Period (7th cent. B.C.) shows, that there was no change in the extension of the basal kinship-units, although the society has decided to develop further, that is urbanism.